How does the world's largest retailer & grocery stores handle food safety? 

The Solution to Food Safety perfectly explained:
"Food Safety is a community & trust with suppliers and vendors. Our solution offers verification of the fact that everybody is doing what they are supposed to do - and make it visible to audit!"
John Sammon III at IAFP 2015

Streamline the myriad of data on food safety with the help of the IoT and find your way through the jungle of compliancies, regulations & requirements.

No more pen and paper - no more relying on human behavior alone to verify that corrective actions are taken to ensure food safety to protect your customers and your store. 

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  • The Trending Grocery & Retail Solution for Global Food Safety
  • How to Reinforce Corrective Behavior & Create a Digital Footprint
  • Solutions to Manage HACCP Plans

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