DQ Operator ITP Implementation: Stage 2A - Sign-Up, CIF & PA, Start Vendor Onboarding Paperwork

Thank you for completing Stage 1! Now we can start building your order.

Welcome to Stage 2A of 5 of implementation:

Site Survey and Webinar Training.

Please read this email carefully and follow the steps below:

  • This is Stage 2 of 5 of the process. Stage 2 is split into two parts to keep things more manageable. Stage 2A involves gathering relevant information about your store, and Stage 2B is the resulting quote process.
  • Please ensure you have completed the Credit Processor, Verifone, Netsurion, OLO, and Data Central onboarding processes prior to Stage 2A.
  • Call the PAR ITP Deployment team at (680) 200-8920 option 2 then option 1, to speak to a PAR team member during stage 2A of your journey.
Your Next Steps
  1. Attend a weekly PAR Webinar – PAR holds an onboarding webinar every Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. EST. Register for the webinar here. If you are unable to attend at that time, please let us know.
  2. Get your site survey and Netsurion installation scheduled if you haven’t already. Contact Nicole if you need help!
  3. Ensure you have completed all vendor onboarding paperwork:


US Locations:

Dedicated DQ Number for US: 800-671-1854

(Merchant Account for Credit Cards and Gift Cards)

NEW First Data Account:

If you do not have a First Data account, you must set one up.

Call the dedicated DQ number above and obtain & complete the required paperwork.

EXISTING First Data Account:

Contact First Data informing them you are going to be moving to the ITP/Brink solution.


First Data must be contacted by you informing them you are going to be moving to the ITP/Brink solution. If you do not have a First Data account, you must set one up.

This process may take several weeks. Call now: (800-671-1854)



US Locations: Payment Device Agreement (ACH and Contract) Sign the Verifone Agreement (this must be done even if you currently use Verifone) you can do so by clicking on the Verifone Logo. If you need assistance filling out the forms for Verifone, please reach out to the contact below.

Adam Roper, Sr. Rollout Coordinator Tel: 727-953-4099 Email: AdamR3@verifone.com



Canada Locations Only: If you are an existing TD Bank customer your account will be automatically transferred. If you are a new customer, you will be contacted by TD Bank to initiative the process of setting up your account.

TD Bank: Relationship Managers danny.chan@td.com and Christian.centeno@td.com


olo   Please complete the activation form for your Mobile Solution (ordering and loyalty) by clicking on Appropriate Link Below: (NOTE: Not applicable to Texas Locations)


US & Canada Locations: Click on the Netsurion image to get started on your new firewall.

(Dedicated DQ Line 713-929-0200, option 1) or insidesales@netsurion.com



We appreciate your time and patience. Look out for our upcoming emails as you advance through the remaining stages.


The PAR Technology Team