DQ Operator ITP Implementation: Stage 3 - Preparation

Thank you for finishing both parts of Stage 2! Time to progress to the final readiness stage.

Welcome to Stage 3 of 5 of implementation: Preparation

Please read this email carefully and follow the steps below:

  • This is Stage 3 of 5 of the process, and the last preparation step before getting your new hardware installed on-site.
  • PAR Technology, a trusted DQ technology vendor, will assist you in final site preparations throughout this stage.
  • Call the PAR ITP Deployment team at (680) 200-8920 option 3 to speak to a PAR team member during stage 3 of your journey.
Your Next Steps
  1. Ensure you have completed Brink POS training and entered the appropriate setup items (taxes, staff, prices, etc.)
  2. Ensure you have completed your Netsurion installation.
  3. Confirm that all vendors are ready for a PAR installation date.
  4. Work with PAR to set a date for your equipment installation.

We appreciate your time and patience. Look out for our upcoming emails as you advance through the remaining stages.


The PAR Technology Team