DQ Operator ITP Implementation: Stage 4 - Scheduling

Thank you for finishing Stage 3! Now that everything has been prepared, time to turn our attention to the nuts and bolts of equipment installation.

Welcome to Stage 4 of 5 of implementation: Scheduling

Please read this email carefully and follow the steps below:

  • This is Stage 4 of 5 of the process, where you will interact with the PAR Technology Team to get your training center installed and schedule your installation.
  • PAR Technology, DQ’s trusted technology vendor, will arrange for shipping of your POS equipment and manage scheduling for on-site installation.
  • Call the PAR ITP Deployment team at (680) 200-8920 option 4 to speak to a PAR team member during stage 4 of your journey.
Your Next Steps
  1. Ensure you have firm completion dates for any vendor readiness issues.
  2. Monitor vendor milestones and plan for your hardware installation.
  3. Once you receive your equipment, keep it safe and unopened until the installation team arrives.
  4. Arrange for a decision maker to be onsite for the entire installation (this is required!)

We appreciate your time and patience. Look out for one more email from us as you advance to the final stage.


The PAR Technology Team