DQ Operator ITP Implementation: Stage 5 - Installation

Congratulations for reaching the final stage of implementation! You are only a few more steps away from full functionality.

Welcome to Stage 5 of 5 of implementation: Installation

Please read this email carefully.

This is Stage 5 of 5 of the process, where installation experts get your hardware/software configured and hand you the keys.

  • During this stage, a technician will visit your site and the scheduled time and install your new system.
  • PAR Technology’s GoLive Team will contact you three (3) business days prior to launch to confirm final readiness.
  • Call the PAR ITP Deployment team at (680) 200-8920 option 4 to speak to a PAR team member during stage 5 of your journey
We appreciate your time and patience throughout the onboarding and implementation process. We are excited for you and your fellow DQ operators to start enjoying the benefits a powerful and streamlined POS and back-office system can bring to the table.


The PAR Technology Team