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Data Central is the maintenance-free enterprise restaurant
management solution for Popeyes.

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Step 1
Fill out the customer information form by clicking the link below.
Step 2

Your PAR Sales Representative will contact you within 24 hours to discuss requirements, pricing information, and next steps. 

Step 3

You will receive and sign the quote, ACH, participation, and applicable vendor agreements. 

Step 4

PAR's Installation Team will work with you to schedule a kick-off and connect your POS.

Step 5

Begin using Data Central's Management Suite in as
soon as 6 weeks!

For more information and to set up Data Central, please reach out to:

Mary Cocke

Data Central Sales Representative for Popeyes

What can Data Central do for you?

  • Lower true food costs by 3 to 6% using our COGS analysis reports
  • Produce fresher food, ensure food safety, and reduce prep time by 20-30 minutes using our Prep/Pull/Thaw/Drop Sheets and Centralized Recipes
  • Minimize turnover and empower employees using our in-app help, tips, and training that are built right into the user flow so new users can be successful immediately
  • Reduce labor costs, optimize staffing levels, and prevent over- or under-scheduling using our Suggested Scheduling Tool
  • Cut down on daily inventory time to 15 minutes and full inventory to 1 hour using our Inventory Tracker
  • Save time doing mundane tasks by using our Checklist tool

  • Labor Management and Scheduling
  • Food and Inventory Management
  • Enterprise Reporting dashboards custom built for Popeyes
  • Concierge Services and Level 1 Support – Our team of experienced restaurant operators that manage Data Central’s database supports and executes daily administration tasks on your behalf so you can take care of your customers

Features & Capabilities
  • Menu Engineering report identifies opportunities for cost savings and maximizes menu profitability
  • Powerful forecasting engine that tracks historical performance data, predicts demand for high-traffic events, and suggests food ordering accordingly
  • Industry-leading business intelligence reports that give you the information you need to make quick decisions and turns actionable insights into dollars
  • Activity Feed’s Real-Time Alerts that help you proactively manage incomplete tasks that are disrupting the workflow
  • Self-service scheduling mobile app for employees that seamlessly handles time off requests and shift changes
  • Cloud-based and mobile-friendly data that can be accessed anywhere, across all units, to streamline processes, drive efficiencies, and get full visibility into your operations

Popeyes Franchise Owner Referral Program



Because you are one of our most valued partners, Data Central wants to reward you for your loyalty and help you grow your business and drive success even further!

For every new customer that you refer to us and is rolled out within 120 days from the day of referral, you will receive a credit of one month of free SaaS per unit referred, up to 50 units. The more customers you refer, the more you earn.