Rev Up Your Drive-Thru Sales

Drive-thru Technologies for
Jack-in-the-Box Operators

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Supercharge Throughput with the
PAR Drive-thru Timer1

Dramatically improve service times.

When stores compete, everyone wins. Our gamified timer system can improve speed
of service by 51 percent2

  • Encourages friendly competition, better teamwork, and continuous improvement
  • Crew-facing display shows up-to-the-minute data points including relative service time rankings, car positions, and the last hour leader
  • Above-store reporting gives managers the insights they need to act

Drive Order Accuracy, Speed, and
Guest Satisfaction with PAR G5® Headsets

Offering unparalleled crystal clear sound, comfort, and durability, PAR G5 Headsets are the most advanced headsets on the market today:

  • Advanced noise reduction and echo cancellation
    ensure accurate orders
  • Built tough, yet a modular design simplifies component
    replacement, saving you money
  • All-day battery life; 12-battery charger keeps your crew
    rockin’ the drive-thru

1. PAR Technology Drive-Thru Timer formerly Techknow

2. One region  improved service speed by 51% after implementing PAR Drive-thru Timer technology

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