Tropical Smoothie Cafe Mixes up their Digital Offering to Accelerate Demand

Digital Strategies have pivoted, in some ways dramatically in the wake of the pandemic, and restaurants are evolving to keep up with changing consumer demand. That means creating more engagement with your customers via loyalty, enhanced apps, and ensuring your tech stack is ready to stand up to increased demand across channels. With over several million downloads of their app and 34.4 million loyalty visits and counting, Tropical Smoothie Cafe tapped into a winning recipe for success.  
Join us as Tropical Smoothie Cafe discusses a new digital approach and key strategies that allow restaurants to deliver digital offers that drive demand, including:
  • Developing emotional and behavioral loyalty through new reward programs with seasonally-powered relevant offers
  • Best practices in delivering to demand across channels, including online, in-app and in-store
  • Enriching the customer experience with personalization and convenience via newly developed Tropical Smoothie Cafe app
Featured Speakers
Jennifer Donley
Director of Loyalty, Tropical Smoothie Cafe
Brittany Maroney
Director of Marketing and Communications, PAR Technology


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