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How Cousins Subs Saved
$250k in One Year with PAR Data Central

Restaurant chains are facing operational challenges left and right. From increasing supply and labor costs to constant swings in employee and customer satisfaction, the list never stops. The big question for brands is: how do you improve operating efficiency and increase profit margins while maintaining a competitive advantage?

Well, there's actually a top-notch chain you should be looking at: Cousins Subs. They're one of the biggest submarine sandwich spots in North America. Tune into this on-demand webcast with J.J. Grube, Vice President of Operations and Finance at Cousins Subs, as he shares how the brand:

  • Improved food costs over 2% and labor costs by 1% while delivering a more memorable & fulfilling customer experience
  • Saved time and met KPIs utilizing back-office cash management & inventory features
  • Unlocked coupon and QR code data to determine ROI & support marketing goals
  • Plans to leverage additional reporting and forcasting capabilities to take their operations to the next level

Featured Speakers

J.J. Grube
Vice President of
Operations and Finance
Cousins Subs
Marcus Wasdin
General Manager
PAR Data Central

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