THE FUTURE OF FAST FOOD: Nearly Half of Top Earning QSRs in 2021 Use PAR™ Technology

Top Earning QSRs of 2021

Fast food and quick service restaurants rely on the best in restaurant technology to give them the competitive edge when it comes to delivering orders, busting lines, engaging guests and staff, and providing the highest return on investment. Given the extreme circumstances, all restaurants have faced over the last few years, there is understandable curiosity about who the top earning QSRs in 2021 are.

The QSR 50

That’s why QSR Magazine does its annual QSR 50, a deep dive into the key statistics of top service brands. Among those statistics is Average Unit Volume (AUV), which measures how much chains are earning per store. The QSR 50 highlights the top 50 QSR brands in the nation as well as 15 brands from outside the top 50. From that group of 65, they choose the 45 highest-grossing brands to showcase as the top per-store earners by AUV.

PAR Power

We’re happy to share that nearly half (22) of the 45 top-earning QSR brands use PAR™ Technology software. Whether it’s Brink POS®, Data Central®, or PAR Punchh® Loyalty, our platforms power the country’s most profitable fast-food chains.

When lines get long and labor wears thin, the right software at your fingertips can make all the difference. We’re proud to support the organizations in the QSR 50 and look forward to dreaming up new concepts together. Congratulations and much respect to all of the top 50 QSRs featured in the report, and here’s wishing everyone a happy National Fast Food Day!