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Jaclyn Grace is the PR Specialist at PAR Technology. Jaclyn ensures PAR is effectively promoted in industry publications globally and writes press releases and company updates to keep shareholders and investors up to date on company information.

PAR Technology Acquires Digital Ordering Company MENU Technologies to Expand its Unified Commerce Offerings

On August 9th, 2022 PAR Technology Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology company and provider of unified commerce for enterprise restaurants, announced the acquisition of MENU Technologies AG (MENU), a fast-growing, omnichannel ordering solution for international restaurant brands. 

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The MENU acquisition adds a robust online ordering component to PAR’s suite of unified commerce solutions that maximize business performance for PAR customers, better positioning the organization as one of the first unified commerce solutions for enterprise restaurants. 

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Stress less about restaurant technology maintenance with PAR Infinity™

Maintaining an up-to-date tech stack can be a hassle for restaurants, retail, convenience, and entertainment brands. Nonetheless, this task is necessary to keep pace with the competition and customer demand as well as deliver the ideal staff and customer experience. According to a recent survey, 95% of restaurant owners say using technology improves the overall efficiency of their restaurant. However, managing outdated technology presents large up-front costs that reduce the capital for brands to grow and innovate as well as cause downtime that creates a poor guest experience which inevitably leads to lost revenue. Hospitality Technology’s 2021 Restaurant Technology Study found that the average restaurant IT budget is 2% of revenue and 54% of that budget goes to maintaining existing solutions. Restaurant, retail, convenience, and entertainment operations do not possess the technical resources, expertise, or desire to manage their technology and need solutions designed for the present but ready for the future.

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How PAR Technologies Values and Goals Align with your Restaurant’s Future

If you are familiar with PAR Technology, then you have heard the slogan: “Food. People. Nothing in Between.” It’s a phrase we use a lot. One that has meaning and defines our philosophies around our place in the larger restaurant landscape, but it’s also a term to use to guide us in how we serve and collaborate with our partners. It’s a simple statement in a world with enduring complexities.

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Leave behind your legacy POS solution and upgrade to the all-in-one Brink POS

Legacy point-of-sale solutions are a dying breed. What was once revolutionary restaurant technology has quickly turned into a headache for restaurant owners, managers, and franchisees. Old POS solutions tend to cause front-of-house clutter and confusion which leads to slower service speeds and lower customer satisfaction. Your POS must be an all-in-one, easy-to-integrate, and easy-to-use solution to provide customers with fast service and a wonderful experience. A solution like Brink POS.

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How the new Taco Bell Defy in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota is defying the odds and changing the way drive-thrus operate

Drive-thru services account for a large portion of fast-food restaurant operations. With 42% of all restaurants operating drive-thrus, it has become an operational necessity. From line-busting to pulling cars, the food-service industry has been pulling out all the stops to improve their drive-thru times and accelerate the service experience.

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Payment services are evolving and PARPay is here to help your restaurant adapt to the forever-changing times

As the pandemic slowly starts to subside and life inches back to normal, the restaurant industry has seen a major change in the way customers make purchases. One thing Covid-19 brought to American consumers was an awareness of hygiene, including the awareness that cash can carry an excessive amount of germs. Simply put, paying with credit or debit cards is much more convenient. Consumers were not the only ones who had to adapt to the novel Coronavirus as the restaurant industry had to establish a contactless experience for their health-conscious customers.

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